IPO and Show Titles

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Tosca vom Roten Wald

FCI rules for Utility Dog (IPO)

Here is the link to the FCI rules for trialing for the titles listed on this page.

AD or Ausdauerprüfung

An endurance test. The dogs trot for 12 miles under the supervision of a judge. the evaluates the dog’s condition while running, during scheduled breaks and after the test there is a short obedience part. The dog must complete the test without injury or over exhaustion.

BH or Begleithundprüfung

An obedience and temperament title for dogs over 15 months of age. On and off leash heeling patterns, sit after a small pause, down after a small pause with recall and then the long down while another dog is performing the obedience exercises. This is only half the test. There is a traffic sureness test done after the obedience session is passed. Both sections of this test must be  successfully passed before attempting the IPO title.

Internationale Prüfungsordnung (International Exam Rules) IPO 1,2,3 

The IPO 1 title consists of obedience, tracking and protection phases.  IPO titles are awarded after all three phases are passed in one trial.  The dog must be 18 months old or older. The IPO 1 title is a prerequisite to the Breed Survey and requirement to show the dog in the working dog class.
The IPO 2 title also consisting of obedience, tracking and protection phases at a higher level. The IPO 1 title is a prerequisite to the IPO 2 title.  The dog must be 19 months old or older for this title. The IPO 2 title is required to receive the Seiger show rating of VA (excellent select).
The highest level IPO 3 title also consists of obedience, tracking and protection phases.
The dog must be  at least 20 months old.The IPO 2 title is a prerequisite to the IPO 3.

Körung (Breed Survey)

A judges evaluation of the temperament, structure, condition and characteristics of a dog.  To obtain a breed survey, the dog must have a show rating of at least G(Good), complete the AD, BH and obtain at least the IPO 1 title.  The Breed survey title is: KKl -recommended for breeding.  After successfully completing the Breed Survey, any progeny of the dog will be entitled to “pink papers” if bred to another breed surveyed dog.

Conformation Show Ratings

  • Sieger or Siegerin
    The top male and female (respectively) in the adult working dog class at any country’s national show for a given year.
  • VA (Excellent Select)
    The highest show rating possible. This rating can be awarded only at national shows.
  • V (Excellent)
    A top rating at a club level show or the next category of dogs after VA in national shows.
  • SG (Very Good)
    This rating is the highest for dogs that are in the young and youth dog classes and a rating that is behind the V rating in the working class
  • G (Good) 
    These dogs only have a satifactory conformation.
  • VP (Very Promising)
    Highest rating in puppy classes. Dogs under 1 year of age.
  • P (Promising)
    This rating follows the VP rating in puppy classes.
  • LP (Less Promising)
    This rating follows the  P rating in puppy classes.


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Dogs that Karen has titled:

SG Cayla vom Haus Pinckert  – BH, CGC

VP Nicco vom Haus Tyson – BH

V  Chico von der Loewenburg – BH, SchH, 1, 2, Kkl 1 CGC

SG Jasmine vom Pineview  – BH, CGC

SG Cherry von der Loewenburg – BH, CGC

V Chanel vom Roten Wald – BH, SchH 1, KKL 2

V Electra vom Roten Wald – BH, SchH 1, 2, 3, Kkl 1

V Gypsy vom Roten Wald – BH, SchH 1, TR 1, 2,  Kkl 1

V Nessa vom Roten Wald – BH, SchH 1, TR 1, Kkl 1

SG Fresca von Rechtschaffenheit – BH

SG Questa vom Roten Wald – BH, TR 1, OB 1

V Tosca vom Roten Wald – BH, IPO 1, Kkl 1

SG Paris vom Roten Wald – BH

SG Rekitta vom Roten Wald  – BH

V Faro vom Zeltweg – Protection Award at 2013 NASS